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Welcome to Artaifacts Custom Pet Portraits!

All artwork featured on our website is created from a pet photograph. Our artists will feature your pet in artwork for a great canvas piece, print or poster. Easy as uploading, we will have your artwork delivered to your door as soon as it’s created.

Before You Get Started!

You Need a Photo of Your Pet

Upload a variety of your pet’s photographs so our artists have a good selection to choose from. Some artwork is ‘what you see is what you get‘. Some artwork includes only a face. Some artwork has the full body. Great!

Photos Need to be in Focus with Space Above, Below and Side to Side:

    • Eye-Level 2 Eyes Face Photo
    • Eye-Level Full Body Photo
    • Eye-Level Side Body Photo

This is a happy business. We work with you and enjoy what we do. You’ll see a proof before we print. You already own photos that we can use. Enjoy.

  • Navy Sub Pet Portrait


    Navy Sub Pet Portrait

  • Suave Custom Pet Portrait


    Suave Pet Portrait

  • Army Ghillie Custom Pet Portrait


    Army Ghillie Pet Portrait

  • 1969 Lunar Custom Pet Portrait

    1969 LUNAR

    1969 Lunar Pet Portrait

  • USAF Wing Custom Pet Portrait


    Air Force Wing Pet Portrait

  • Candy Custom Pet Portrait


    Candy Pet Portrait

  • USMC ACV Custom Pet Portrait


    Marines ACV Pet Portrait

  • Jolly Custom Pet Portrait


    Jolly Pet Portrait

  • Coast Guard Helicopter Rescue Custom Pet Portrait


    Coast Guard Helicopter Rescue Pet Portrait

  • White Diva Custom Pet Portrait


    White Diva Custom Pet Portrait

  • USSF Cape Canaveral Custom Pet Portrait


    Space Force Cape Canaveral Custom Pet Portrait

  • Townie Custom Pet Portrait


    Townie Custom Pet Portrait

  • Fireman Retro Custom Pet Portrait

    Fireman Retro

    Fireman Retro Pet Portrait

  • Estate Bellissima Custom Pet Portrait

    Estate Bellissima

    Estate Bellissima Pet Portrait

  • USAF Racecar Custom Pet Portrait


    USAF Racecar Pet Portrait

  • Island Solitude Custom Pet Portrait


    Island Solitude Pet Portrait

All of our products are original, American Made products from our US Military Veteran technical team at Hermosa Beach Marketing -> Meet Hermosa.

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